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Hit the ground running reliably with a Pre-assembled Isuzu Power Unit.


Australian Designed, Tested and Assembled

Models and Features

With options available across our Starter, Economy and Premium Ranges, our range of Power Units will get the job done no matter how harsh your operating conditions. Talk to us today about our ready-made and tailored solutions.


Starter (STR)*

Light duty air cleaner system
Industrial grade exhaust system
Engine mounting feet
Heavy duty full aluminium cooling system (max. 45°C)
Engine harness and Stop Solenoid
Customisable options


Economy (ECY)*

Features include STR plus:
Medium duty air cleaner system (dual element)
Skid rail chassis mounting
Mechanical vernier throttle kit
IP65 ‘ECO’ engine controller (essential watchdog protection)
Engine RPM sender (MPU)
Customisable options


Premium (PRM)*

Features include ECY plus:
Air cleaner restriction indicator
Residential grade exhaust system
Heavy duty cooling system (50°C +)
Engine oil pressure and temperature senders
IP65 ‘PRO’ engine controller
Remote oil drain kit
Customisable options


*Engines shown are for reference only. Contact your local Isuzu dealer to discuss your individual requirements.

At a Glance

Enhance your experience with Isuzu's range of Power Units. With convenient remote-control access, and a range of additional accessories, there's a solution for every application.


• Genuine Isuzu Engine Made in Japan

• Australian designed, tested and assembled

• Premium Australian sourced and supported components

• Low operating costs

• Optional mechanical or common rail fuel system across most power nodes

• Supported by the Isuzu Power Solutions Dealer Network


• Heavy Duty bar and plate Aluminum radiators

• Powder Coated finished framework and bracketry

• Industry Leading Configurable Control Panel

• Premium Quality Air Cleaners

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Take a closer look at what goes into making Isuzu Power Units ultra-dependable workhorses than businesses can rely on.

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To find out how an Isuzu Power Units can give you the peace-of-mind to get on with the job, contact your local dealer today.

“We are 100 per cent reliant on the hydraulics being powered by the Isuzu product. Our older vessel has nearly 10,000 hours on this power unit, and it’s basically working at full RPM, 365 days a year, and it doesn’t stop. We’re really, really happy with the reliability of product.”

Jeff McKenna - Plant Operator

Trails and Waterways Division of the City of Ballarat

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There's only one way to describe an Isuzu engine’s performance: Legendary. Isuzu has built an illustrious history as a manufacturer and innovator of outstanding industrial diesel engines.

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