Isuzu Gensets

When your business needs to keep going no matter what, you need power on-tap. With an Isuzu Genset, you’ll have a dependable electricity supply ready to go.


Models and features

Regardless of how much grunt you need, or how harsh your operating environment, there’s an IPS Genset that’s built to power through and never stop. And if you don’t see it here, we can custom-build one for!


Rated Voltage / Frequency: 415 VAC / 50 Hz
Sound Level dB(A) @ 7m: 51 dB(A)
Australian receptacles: 1 x 415V 20A (3PH),
3 x 240V 15A (1PH)

Perfectly matched to small businesses andmobile applications such as trade services.



Rated output: 37 kVA / 29.6 kWe (Prime)
Sound Level dB(A) @ 7m: 51 dB(A)
Australian receptacles: 2 x 415V 32A (3PH), 1 x 415V 20A (3PH and 3 x 240V 15A (1PH)

This unit is suited to businesses with heavier load requirements, likerefrigeration.



Rated output: 50 kVA / 40 kWe (Prime)
Sound Level dB(A) @ 7m: 57 dB(A)
Australian receptacles: 1 x 415V 50A (3PH), 1 x 415V 32A (3PH) 1 x 415V 20A (3PH) and 3 x 240V 15A (1PH)

Built for large-scale businesses with heavy load requirements such as commercial construction.


GENSET WALKAROUND Explore our Gensets

Take a closer look at what goes into making Isuzu Gensets ultra-dependable workhorses than businesses can rely on.

Find the right power solution for your business

To find out how an Isuzu Genset can give you the peace-of-mind to get on with the job, contact your local dealer today.

TECHNOLOGY & FEATURES Built to perform

The generators feature ultra-quiet technology, achieved by redirecting both incoming and outgoing air through a series of sound attenuated baffles.

masonry-image Durable Premium Finish.

Durable Premium Finish.

Good looks mean nothing if you’re a show pony. So while our Gensets’ powder coated exterior and stainless steel fasteners look great, they’re all about delivering ultra-durable, all-weather protection.

masonry-image Emergency Stop Switch.

Emergency Stop Switch.

In an emergency, milliseconds count. That’s why all our units come equipped with an easily identifiable and accessible Emergency Shutdown Switch.

masonry-image Fuel Efficient Performance.

Fuel Efficient Performance.

Isuzu is famous for providing powerplants found in everything from trucks to tugboats. And we bring what we’ve learnt from these demanding applications to our Gensets to deliver field-tested performance with the fuel effiency that industry demands.

masonry-image The Power of Peace-of-Mind.

The Power of Peace-of-Mind.

Legendary mechanical reliability is just the start of the sense of security that comes with buying Isuzu. You’ll also rest easy knowing that you’re covered by a two-year warranty and have access to anation-wide dealer network. Chances are you’ll never need them, but it’s nice to know that they’re always on-hand.

masonry-image Digital Controller.

Digital Controller.

Our Gensets come with built-in ComAp InteliLite MRS16 Generator Controllers. That means they’re programmable, monitorable and measurable remotely so you can get tailor and track the performance of your generator no matter your location.

BUILD QUALITY What sets Isuzu apart

When it comes to noise reduction, IPS Gensets are incomparable. Every unit is painstakingly engineered with absorbent insulation, thicker panels, specific tuning and crafted exhaust housings to not only reduce noise, but balance high and low frequencies. Drip into an IPS dealer and hear the differencefor yourself.

Typical Unit

With conventional sound reduction, cooling air has a virtually straight paththrough the unit.

Isuzu Genset

In an Isuzu unit, cooling air is redirected to double the length of travel,lowering the noise dramatically.

SUPPORTExtra benefits

Unlock convenience and remote control capabilities with our generator sets, going above and beyond to enhance your experience.

Year Warranty

Provides peace of mind, offering extended protection and assurance of reliable performance for an extended period.

Quiet Operation

At a distance of seven metres, our smallest 20 kVA unit operates at at 51 decibels, around the same volume as anaverage conversation.

Remote monitoring

With their cloud-based monitoring and control system, our Gensets can be accessed and operated via your smartphone. So you have the power of control without needing to travel to your business premises.

Aftersales support

Our expert IPS team are ready and waiting to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Testimonials Word from customers

Hear first hand experiences from satisfied users of our generator sets, showcasing how our reliable power solutions have made a difference in their lives and businesses.

“We are 100 per cent reliant on the hydraulics being powered by the Isuzu product. Our older vessel has nearly 10,000 hours on this power unit, and it’s basically working at full RPM, 365 days a year, and it doesn’t stop. We’re really, really happy with the reliability of product.”

Jeff McKenna - Plant Operator

Trails and Waterways Division of the City of Ballarat

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IndustriesExplore Gensets for your industry

Generators play a vital role in any industry by providing reliable backup power solutions. Here's a quick rundown of differentapplications.


As equipment for hire, generators offeroffer an uninterrupted, on-demand power supplyfor events, construction, and on-site projects.


In construction, generatorpower essential tools and equipment, no matter howremote the location.


By maintain critical operations, such as emergency response centres and medical facilities, during power outages, generators can literally be the difference between life or death.


Farms and agricultural operations run enormous irrigation systemsgrain handling equipment, and more. So in rural areas, where power supplies can be unreliable, generators are essential to keep farm operations growing strong.

PreparationGensets for extreme weather events

As we’ve seen all too often in the news lately, Australia is an unforgiving land of droughts, bushfires, floods, cyclones, and extreme heatwaves. Any one of these events can knock out power supplies and that’s where a reliable source of electricitycan mean the difference between a rapid recovery and absolute disaster.

Financial Loss

Interruptions to your power supply will disrupt your operations, leading to reduced productivity, lost sales, and increased expenses to mitigate the damage. That’s a big hit to your hip pocket. Butif you invest in a standby generator and you’ll be ready to keep powering on.

How owning a Isuzu Genset can benefit in this situation.

While there is an initial investment in acquiring and maintaining a standby generator, it can result in cost savings in the long run by preventing losses associated with downtime, data loss, and operational disruptions.

Operational Disruption

Power outages can disrupt your day-to-day operations, affecting everything from production and customer service to communication and inventory management. That meansinefficiencies, missed deadlines, and frustrated employees.With a standby generator, you’ll havea reliable source of backup power so you cancan keep operating seamlessly.

How owning a Isuzu Genset can benefit in this situation.

A standby generator can provide a reliable source of backup power, ensuring that your business can continue to operate seamlessly during power outages. This helps prevent downtime, maintain productivity, and minimize financial losses.

Peace of mind

With a standby generator in place, your employees can work without major disruptions during power outages. Without unnecessary and annoying interruptions, they can get on with job.

How owning a Isuzu Genset can benefit in this situation.

With a standby generator in place, employees can work without major disruptions during power outages. This helps maintain employee morale and job satisfaction, as they can continue their tasks without unnecessary interruptions.

Have you got your backup power ready?

An Isuzu Genset is your ultra-reliable way of avoiding a power-down no matter what else goes down this summer.

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