Over the years, Isuzu has acquired an enviable reputation for reliable marine engines. Isuzu Marine Engines have powered Japan’s fishing fleets since 1947 and today, Isuzu is the number one commercial marine engine supplier within its range for the domestic Japanese market.

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Isuzu Marine engines are built to a strict quality control system, backed by over 60 years’ experience. This means exceptional quality and reliability for you.

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Power Generation

Over the past four decades and counting, IPS have been working with our partners to provide tailored IPS solutions, meeting customer-requested specifications.

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Auxiliary Engines

Equally important to keeping your ship moving is keeping the service power and lights running. Isuzu have a range of Auxiliary engines to help when you need power the most.

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Low Running Costs

Even in the most demanding of conditions, Isuzu Marine Engines are designed to be highly fuel efficient and cost effective to run.


Extensive R&D coupled with our experience on water and land has ensured Isuzu Marine engine are fast becoming the brand of choice among Australian commercial operators.