U / W Series Industrial Engines

The Isuzu U / W Series engines are the powerhouse of the Isuzu engine range. With there high torque and power output at low RPM, the Isuzu U / W Series engines are designed to provide performance without compromising fuel efficiency.

Engine Overview


No. of Cylinders

Injection System

Intake System

Displacement [L]

Bore [mm]

Stroke [mm]

Gear Case PTO

Flywheel Housing


Voltage [V]

Starter Capacity [kW]

Alternator Capacity [A]

Applied Regulation

Dry Weight [kg]

Variable & Fixed


Common Rail

Turbo Charged Air Cooled

9.83 – 15.68

120.0 – 147.0

145.0 – 154.0

Available on specific models

SAE #1

SAE 14"


5.5 – 7.0



840.0 – 1,150.0

Key Features

Low Fuel Consumption

Even in the most demanding of conditions, Isuzu U / W Series engines are designed to be highly fuel efficient and cost effective to run.

Application flexibility

The versatile Isuzu U / W Series engines can be adapted to suit a variety of applications including: Agricultural, General Industry, Hydraulic Pumping, Irrigation, Refrigeration and Water Pumping.

Class Leading Durability

With over 25 million units worldwide, Isuzu is the largest producer of commercial diesel engines. With a reputation for building class leading engines that work tirelessly under the harshest of conditions, there’s only one way to describe the performance and reliability of U / W Series Isuzu engines. Legendary.