C Series Industrial Engines

With an impressive power to weight ratio, the lightweight Fixed and Variable speed Isuzu C Series engines are suitable for a variety of applications and conditions.

Engine Overview


No. of Cylinders

Injection System

Intake System

Displacement [L]

Bore [mm]

Stroke [mm]

Gear Case PTO

Flywheel Housing


Voltage [V]

Starter Capacity [kW]

Alternator Capacity [A]

Applied Regulation

Dry Weight [kg]

Variable & Fixed

2 – 3


Naturally Aspirated, Turbo

0.57 – 1.64

70.0 – 88.0

74.0 – 90.0

Available on specific models

Rear Plate SAE #4, SAE #5 Semi SAE: #4, #5, #6

SAE 7.5"


1.1 – 1.7


Tier-4, Interim Tier-4

84.0 – 158.0

Key Features


Application Flexibility

The versatile Isuzu C Series engines can be adapted to suit a variety of applications including: Agricultural, General Industry, Hydraulic Pumping, Irrigation, Refrigeration and Water Pumping.


Class Leading Durability

With over 25 million units worldwide, Isuzu is the largest producer of commercial diesel engines. With a reputation for building class leading engines that work tirelessly under the harshest of conditions, there’s only one way to describe the performance and reliability of C Series Isuzu engines. Legendary.



Isuzu offers a variety of kit-form accessories for C Series engines that include: Cooling System, Air Cleaning, Exhaust Systems, Auxiliary Couplings, Engines Mountings, Engine Control Systems and Skid Bases.


Ready to Work

The C Series engine range is available as a Made to Stock (MTS) unit. MTS power units are supplied ready to work with exhausts, air systems, control units and other accessories, which means you can switch them on and put them straight to work.