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There's only one way to describe an Isuzu engine’s performance: Legendary. Isuzu has built an illustrious history as a manufacturer and innovator of outstanding industrial diesel engines.

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Isuzu Power Solutions

Since producing Japan’s first air-cooled diesel engine in 1936, Isuzu has built an illustrious history as a manufacturer and innovator of outstanding diesel engines. In this time, our name has become synonymous with diesel engines in Japan, and highly regarded for our advanced technologies internationally.

Isuzu now produces more than 1 million diesel engines annually, as well as being among the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers.

We owe much of this success to our leading edge technologies, which have enhanced the environmental benefits of diesel engines and accelerated innovation in more than 100 countries around the world.

Isuzu engines drive snowmobiles, excavators, mining and agricultural tractors and loaders, generator sets and auxiliary power applications. In each field, our success is driven by a reputation for reliability, service support, performance, fuel efficiency and emission standards.

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Engine Solutions


Made to Stock

The Isuzu Made to Stock range offers a collection of powerful, supremely engineered units that come ready to work for a variety of industry applications. Each engine unit can be tailored to suit your requirements and conditions.


In a Box

Whether you’re looking to create a tailored power unit solution, or require a new replacement engine, Isuzu has a range of engine units to suit your requirements.


OEM Solutions

From the gas fields of Queensland to the wheat belt of Western Australia, Isuzu diesel engines are powering the country's leading brands. With many of today's requirements for auxiliary power incorporating mobility, Isuzu is the obvious choice. Combined with a market leading dealer network, we have the expertise to fabricate what you need.


Industry Solutions

Isuzu’s versatile industrial engines power a range industries including agriculture, construction, marine and emergency services. We’ve earned a reputation for building reliable engines that work tirelessly, under the harshest conditions.


Engine Accessories

Isuzu offers a variety of kit-form accessories for each engine model, including control panel units, cooling packages, air cleaner units, exhaust systems, engine mount skids, engine wiring looms, Hayes couplings and housing adaptors.

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Isuzu Power Solutions Events

Discover why Isuzu is among the world's leading commercial engine manufacturers. Catch up with Isuzu Power Solutions team at events around Australia