When minutes could mean millions

On site, your only option is to keep going. Isuzu Gensets are an ultra-reliable, fuel-efficient and super quiet solution for the people that never stop.

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Power Units

Pre-assembled and tested, so your business can hit the ground running.

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Industrial Engines

A versatile range supplied directly as an engine-only block, giving you full control of the application.

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Generator Sets

The range of IPS Generator Sets ensures reliability in some of the world's harshest conditions. Whether it's operating in a remote environment or providing a back-up power source, IPS means you never stop.

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Diesel Inquiry Assessment System (DIAS)

DIAS has been specifically designed, in Australia, to assist Isuzu Dealers identify the correct engine for your application. For fixed or variable speed engines, depending on your desired application, DIAS will virtually build your power unit from the ground up. Incorporating Isuzu Engines full range of accessories DIAS allows you to customise your power unit to suit your needs before you buy.


Marine Power Solutions

When you’re out on the water, reliability is everything.

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Agriculture Power Solutions

When it comes to irrigation, ruggedly simple Japanese engineering is hard to beat.

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Engine Accessories

View our extensive range of engine accessories and kits.

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Industry Solutions

Leading engine solutions for your industrial requirements.

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